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To live potencials is one of the most exciting tasks in life. My program is shifting you to your clear channel to inner voice for yourself and for your kids. The change begins inside and it begins with you.
Erfahre mehr über dich und deine innere Stimme. Finde heraus, was dich zum Eltern-Coach der neuen Zeit macht und wie du deine KIDS In ihr Potenzial bringst!
Die Welt braucht Eltern wie dich, die KIDS in ihr wahres Potenzial coachen!
Ulrike Pollak auf Kinn lehnend

Like a coach you assist your kids, to unfold their personality, open, facing, vitalizing, charishing.

The basics therefore: your balance, your clarity, your inner voice and vitality as mum or dad.
Yes, I want to know more about me and my inside voice to be my best parent-coach! Ja, ich will mehr über meine klare innere Stimme wissen, die mich zum Eltern-Coach macht!
The world needs people like you, who want to leave a footprint with their clear voice! Die Welt braucht Menschen wie dich, die ihren Fußabdruck mit klarer innerer Stimme hinterlassen wollen!
Ulrike sitzend Akademie für VITA(l)Pädagogik

The CHANNEL-ACADEMY assits parents -> to authentic Quantum-kids!






Dissatisfied in daily family life?

Many mums and dads tell me:

-I run daily on adrenalin.

-I sense that I have a short fuse.

-I feel like a hamster in a wheel.

-I notice, that I cannot cope with my kids, as I like it.

Do you feel similar?

Change your attitude to life from the bottom!

I support you, to live your life in a new way.

Your channel to inner voice

You trust your inner voice and you know your true channel qualities

"Your channel is your new personality!"

Your channel

I show you how you will easyly become your clear channel to inner voice.

"Your VITAL-PEDAGOGUE with clear inner voice is your ticket to success"

To say in future:

– I enjoy ma feelings of inner balance.

– I radiate with calmness.

– I live my efficient power and vitality.

– I notice my clear inner voice.

– I can see my kids with different eyes.

– I realize their personality and their potentials.

– I offer them the fullest potential for their development.

– I live in  tune with myself and my kids.

– I am a  VITAL-PEDAGOGIC for myself and for my kids.

Costumers voices

That's me Ulrike Pollak

ulrike sitzend,Akademie für VITA(l)Pädagogik
I am mother of three adult kids, vital-pedagogue, coach, mentor, instructor, writer, songwriter and musician. After finishing my master-music-studies “rhythm” in Stuttgart and  “old music” in Strasbourg I studied in USA and Europe mentalcoaching and christallin oracle. Afterwards I worked in different connections with kids and youth. My knowledge from music, pedagogic and mental power, I lead together in the CHANNEL-academy! – a heart project. 

Do we talk to each other? – I am happy to meet you.

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