Do you trust in your inner voice and do you believe in your true vital-pedagogical qualities?

Do you truely want to enjoy the life with your kids?
Erfahre mehr über dich und deine innere Stimme. Finde heraus, was dich zum Eltern-Coach der neuen Zeit macht und wie du deine KIDS In ihr Potenzial bringst!
Die Welt braucht Eltern wie dich, die KIDS in ihr wahres Potenzial coachen!
Ulrike Pollak auf Kinn lehnend

Raise your energy, follow your calling and create a new better world full of vitality - for YOU and your KIDS!

Welcome to the unique ACADEMY for VITAL-PEDAGOGIC for parents of new times! Truely KIDS & your calling in tune!
Yes, I want to know more about me and my inside voice to be my best parent-coach! Ja, ich will mehr über meine klare innere Stimme wissen, die mich zum Eltern-Coach macht!
The world needs people like you, who want to leave a footprint with their clear voice! Die Welt braucht Menschen wie dich, die ihren Fußabdruck mit klarer innerer Stimme hinterlassen wollen!
Ulrike sitzend Akademie für VITA(l)Pädagogik

The ACADEMY for VITAL-PEDAGOGIC assits parents to true KIDS and your calling in TUNE! Make the world a better place for your KIDS!



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The ACADEMY for VITAL-PEDAGOGIC assits parents who want to tune their life for their calling with their inner voice.

This program is for parents who realize the new time spirit for themselves and their KIDS and inherit new ways with heart-intelligence for their true KID.

VITAL-PEDAGOGIC is for parents who NOW want to shift to a parent-coach of new times.

This program knows your pedagogic qualities, to enjoy life truely with your KIDS!


You trust your inner voice and you know your true pedagogic qualities

"Your VITAL-PEDAGOGUE is your new personality!"

Your UP-Lift

I show you how you will easyly become your vital-pedagogue.

"Your VITAL-PEDAGOGUE with clear inner voice is your ticket to success"

In this program you finally learn to radiate your VITAL-PEDAGOGUE with all senses for YOU & your KIDS!

YOUR unique VITAL-PEDAGOUE of a new time, who vitalizes herself and KIDS!

You will find the one inner voice of yourself which just knows the truth for YOU and your true KIDS!

Take your free appointment NOW!

You will get everything you really need!

VITAL & LIFE in tune for KIDS and your calling!

=> for parents  of  a new TIME!

=> for real KIDS!

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Who is Ulrike Pollak?

ulrike sitzend,Akademie für VITA(l)Pädagogik

Ulrike Pollak is expert for VITAL-PEDAGOGIC, trainer for sensory perception and vibes and assists parents & pedagogues, to intone calling & KIDS!

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After she had finished her master in “rhythm” in Stuttgart and  “old music” in Strasbourg she studied mental brain trainings in Europe and USA and became a MentalCoach. She combines this holistic knowledge  out of music and mental power in her program called UPgrade!

Ulrike is mother of three adult children, educationalist, lecturer, Coach and of course still musician. 13 years of experience as a leadership and the rollout of the program “rhythm for all kids” within one year, made it to the signboard for the whole town.

She is working on the background, that music consists of harmonious vibes. Humans are like music, which vibes in combination with sensory perception in their hearts.

There is a bridge which leads from music directly into hearts. As well as in your heart!

The power of music relates to vitality, natural health – and in series with mental health (fancy) and with a fulfilled business. Music can balance and upgrade vibes. In combination with emotional intelligence, new believing sentences and the perfect energy, she can bring humans to their inner “I”.

Ulrike feels blocked emotions in its root cause. She realizes and solves handicapped believing, blocking emotions and energy robbers.

She is working in individual coaching sessions as well as in group sessions. The results let the whole family often breath, because all family members can easily adapt the methods.

Ulrike unleashes the energy in you and she will lead you to your  vital-pedagogue with crystal clear inner  voice. Enjoy your LIFE & your real KIDS!

KIDS & calling in a new light!

KIDS & Calling in tune!

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