You are currently viewing 7 brutal NO-GO’s that are crumbling the porcelain out of which KIDS are born!

7 brutal NO-GO’s that are crumbling the porcelain out of which KIDS are born!

1. An elefant in the porcelain shop versus emotions!

Do you belong to the mothers, fathers and pedagogues who destroy the wrathful porcelain out of which KIDS are born?

How this works?

KIDS are highly sensitive beings for nearly everything: Emotions, informations, vibes, sounds, music. They love their parents over all, because they are the first people they met in LIFE! 
So are pedagogues human beings in the life of KIDS to whom they watch up high! So they take everything as bare coin, which comes from those persons. At least in the first children phase between 0-7 years! In the second phase between 7-14 years they become more or less critical.

Stress, anger and hate appears like an elefant who is running through this gentle  porcelain shop. In case, the elefant is running more often with its emotions, it builds up patterns, which the kids love to give back in the second children phase – back to the place where it came from! What a pity, if you didn’t think about this.

My big elefant tipp: Be regardful with your KIDS and don’t disturb the worthful porcelain.

Regardful means: pay attention to what is said, listen, be watchful, be sensitive to children souls, to sing with children souls, bringing KIDS into their potential. I could tell hours what to do……

Be careful with your emotions, so that KIDS can thrive!

When parents sing, it is balsam for the souls of KIDS!

Did you know:

That you can SING, if you just allow yourself to be a good singer and that this is a better chance for your KIDS than watching TV?

….that beging regardful serves you and your KIDS!

….that emotions are the basics for the ability to learn!

Think about, which emotions you want to send to your environment!

2. Mind brain versus inner voice!

Are you controlled by your mind?

Do you educate your KIDS, like you yourself were educated in your childhood?

Didn’t you wanted to leave the patterns of your own parents way back to make everything better?

Welcome to the academy for VITAL-PEDAGOGIC!

We talk about kids here! They should grow big, feel save, get independent, self-employed, rich, your kids should have a better life than you, and and and…….

What does it need? Marvelous parents & pedagogues, who can wake up true potentials. Parents & pedagogues, who really know HOW that function!

HOW you ask me?

Well, I cannot tell it in one quality. But at least one of it: Always important for kids is the following: That YOU always  speak out of your hearts voice and act the same. The heart is an organ that beats for you, but  it can do way more. It can transport vibes, which especially kids feel very well. This is one of the reasons they do not understand the voice of a strong brain mind and watch then unbelievable.

The voice of the heart understands every child. 

Most adults don’t know this voice. 

KIDS of the new time do ONLY understand the voice of the heart. The inner voice!

This voice sounds like music for you and your KIDS!

The direct way to your KIDS comes from your heart. This voice comes out of you and you can learn to communicate with this voice inside of you.

Tipp: Think about, if you really want to support your KIDS out of your heart to bring them into their potential?

The voice of the heart sounds like music for you and the KIDS!

3. When KIDS are speaking out the truth!

Wahr is that truth?

Can a kid know the truth?

Kids are so sensitive born from nature. If we care about this sensitivity it remains life long and they can get their truth for themselves.

What does that mean?

A kid normally knows, what it is able to do or not. Most of the things which a kid says, what it cannot do, it was trained before. An example: Kids can sing, if you didn’t tell them, that you cannot sing and it passes the genes WRONG! If a kid asks you after such a statement: Mum, why can’t you sing? What do you answer?

second example: If a kid says that it’s not hungry, do you tell it to eat empty and are wondering, when the kid ist 10 or 14 and is thick? Did YOU listen to the truth?

WE need VITAL-PEDAGOGUES to bring real KIDS into real great potentials!

4. What has sensory perception common with feelings?

Which sensory perceptions are mostly active?

First of all, alls senses in  a row: to see, to listen, to feel, to smell, to taste, to balance = 7 senses!

Do you still need those 7 senses? Exactly, most of the time NOT! In the stone time those senses where essential for survival and NOW? The two most active ones: see and listen! When you watch TV you need those two, the rest is inactive. By the way, they shrivel at least.

Did you know…..

….that creative thoughts base upon a healthy perception?

…..a vital body needs a healthy perception, because you won’t understand the body signals without it?

Which sensory perceptions do parents & pedagogues need?

  1. Non?
  2. See and listen?
  3. all 7 senses?

In case you said YES to 1 and 2, you belong to those pedagogues, who just function and disesteem themself. Do you think you can bring your kids into their full potential on such basics? Or do you belong to those parents who think this is part of education in kindergarten and school?

Most of the time the kid is at home. It is true! Therefore it learns most of the basics there! And kids learn most of the HOWs from home! With all senses!

Which senses now need parents to bring their kids into their full potential?

Right! All of the 7, because you otherwise cannot sense out of your fullest heart for the best of your kids.


5. Learn and concentrate!

Learning and concentraion – how you as parents and pedagogues can give more of it to kids! With the elefant in the porcelain shop?

KIDS, who sit the whole day at the desk, stiff and bended, can’t think clearly after such a day. The mind brain is active and the creative mind is off.

Concentration blocker: negative emotions like anger, stress, pressure. Lerning and concentration is nearly impossible under pressure!

KIDS need:

  • fresh air
  • movement
  • circuits
  • love
  • power balance
  • good nutrition
  • fun
  • feelings
  • appreciations

to stay concentrated. Learning is based on a creative spirit, which has fun to learn.

What can parents & pedagogues do?

  • take time out
  • balance themselves
  • balance emotions 
  • breath fresh air
  • bring movement into the game
  • sing and make music
  • sharpen their perception
  • learn something new

Tipp: Try to sing again. I wrote a book with 44 positive german songs: Let me know if your need them translated.

6. Silence instead of chaos!

Do you belong to those parents who want all the best for the kids and overload themselves? Does this often lead to chaotic situations, because you don’t know where to start?

As a mum of 3 kids and business, I know what I am talking about. You just want all the best for your kids and want to be perfect. Your perfectness is the one, who takes care of the household, the kids, the shoppings, school, the business, the husband….to nearly everything. Do you think this works lifelong? If you do not change anything in your life…….you just know what happens!

  • start to live your life, so that your kids can live again
  • Real power starts out of silence!

Tipp: Try it out! What does your life cost? You are the ost important person in the universe! Feel how this feels!

7. You are your light!

Do you daily take time and space for your perfect vibrations in life? The vibration for your health, your relationship with your partner, your business, your wealth and the really big goals of your heart? You’d rather not waste any time on the transformation of your negative-thoughts-emotion-feeling-loop. You‘d rather quickly discard any ideas that take you closer to the really big goals of your heart. Change for you personally is out of the question and, as a result, subconsciously you have already condemned yourself to being “small” or even worse: You have condemned yourself to not wanting to live the life you deserve.

Hello? “You are an important light in this world, so start shining today!” It’s about you. The world needs exactly you! Let’s start!

8. An eternity tip

Once your vibration is so high that you can reach your goals in whatever sphere you wish, you will be at liberty to offer support to your loved ones. Support to your children, your husband’s business and for all those persons that are dear to you. Simply take 1-7 + 1 = 8 and multiply yourself by 8 (lying down) by using your vibration for your family.

Small tip:

The earth‘s oscillation increases rapidly and continuously. It is measured in Hz.

The question is: Would you rather stay where you are? Stay in a place that feels comfortable? Or would you prefer to reach higher vibration levels where more can be achieved? Of course, your inner self might say: “I’m definitely not moving. But what if your ego in its place is in fact not really doing too well? It simply doesn’t want to budge and gave an automatic reply right from its comfort zone? Will you then grant your “I” the chance to move, or do you opt for standing still so that everything in your life remains the way it always has been?

Which one do you choose: a wave of vibration wave or a dent in vibration?